Vader Versus Vampires Teaser Trailers

Below is the rough script for the Vader Versus Vampires Teaser Trailer:

  1. Disclaimer
  2. Open With Black Knight Publishing (like lucasfilm logo)
  3. First scene is Vader is kneeling down on platform (like the one from empire) with a glow around it and raised a bit off the ground. Green screen behind him or office/panel chairs setup
  4. Camera pans from right to left or left to right
  5. See glow of screen in corner (no full screen shown) but never see the Emporer
  6. voice of Emporer (can be taken from empire strikes back and revenge of the sith) ie disturbance in the force and show no mercy. Wipe them out. All of them
  7. Vader says, yes my master (show half side, close up of face)
  8. fade out to all black (quiet for a few seconds) then
  9. You hear hissing sounds, snarls like vampire sounds (ie blade bloodbath sounds) and out of black/shadows, you see is red eyes come popping out one then two then a bunch
  10. fades out to Empirial march/end song and end credits

Teaser Trailer Coming Soon