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Below is part of the script from thre comic book:

Page 1 – 5 Panels

Page 1 Panel 1

The door to Darth Vader’s meditation chamber slides open revealing the visage of the Dark Lord of the Sith.  Beyond him is a darkened room attempting to draw his form back into the shadows from which he was birthed.

(part of text from above to be story lettered on top of panel with dot dot dot to end of it)

Page 1 Panel 2

Vader steps out into the control room of his planetary headquarters.  A room normally bustling with energy is deathly silent.  Empty.  Each monitor post is left unoccupied.  Chairs have been kicked away from their stations, some several feet away from their normal home (they left quickly).

Page 1 Panel 3

Vader moves through the complex.  Standing in front of the weapons training room, he finds them empty, with various blasters and armor haphazardly strewn about.

Page 1 Panel 4

Even in the hallways, there is no activity.  Neither human or droid can be found as Vader continues his search.

Page 1 Panel 5

Finally a sound coming from one of the side rooms activates and points Vader towards his destination.

            Emperor (off-screen) – Lord Vader!

Page 2 – 4 Panels

Page 2 Panel 1

Inside the room, the Emperor’s image appears before him in hologram form.  His cloak obscures his face such that the only thing truly visible is his mouth, the rest is cloaked in shadow.  Vader kneels before his Master.

            Emperor – Our people are in grave danger.

            Darth Vader – My Master, there is a presence that I have never felt before.

            Emperor – Our citizens have been taken hostage by…

Page 2 Panel 2

The hologram no longer shows the Emperor, but instead the attack of these creatures upon many of the populace.  There is massive death and destruction.  Panic in the streets.

            Emperor – Creatures.  This ancient scourge lives off the life force of others.  Their hunger is without limit.  They threaten to undo all of what we have created.

            Emperor – It is left to you to save them.  You must reach out into the Force and find the point at which the living ceases and only death remains.

            Darth Vader – Is there a way to stop them, my Master?

Page 2 Panel 3

The hologram returns to showing the Emperor as before.  Vader has not moved from his spot.

            Emperor – Decapitation or piercing of their hearts.  If the legends are to be believed.

            Darth Vader – I will not fail.

Page 2 Panel 4

Vader exits the room, his black cloak swirling behind him.  The Emperor’s visage watching him leave.  Urging him onward.

            Emperor – Go, my apprentice.  Do what needs to be done.  Show no mercy.

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