This all came about from an actual dream. Yes, an actual dream! I originally had an outline and had a friend help me flush this out to more than just a 12 step outline. Now it is a 12 to 14 page story with the hope of turning it into a fan film. Funny how a concept comes along and just grows and grows into something more than just an outline. Many have done Vader or Vampires but none have done both.

The basic premise is You have Darth Vader and you have evil but just not any evil - vampires! No, not the Vampires that sparkle but hungry, blood thirsty vampires. There is a distrubance in the force and this mystery has to be found and solved.

The basic premise has stayed the same but the story has evolved over the past several months and will probably change a bit before the filming but I want it to be true to the title and name.

Below is an excerpt from the final draft of the story:

- - - As the door to Darth Vader's meditation chamber opens up, the respirator begins its rhythmical pattern, inhale and exhale. The expressionless mask begins to look around. Lord Vader scans the room seeing that no one is in the control room of his planetary headquarters. Where did everyone go, the thought runs through his mind as he begins to walk through the room to find some evidence of what happened, or to find someone to give him answers. His heavy boots land with a thud, with each step, he finds each station seemingly running on its own. This is not right; another thought registers in his mind, as the flutter of his cape registers how alone he is in the room. Suddenly, a voice comes through a communicator and a feeling comes through him like a jolt from The Force.

"Lord Vader," The Emperor's image comes up through a hologram, "Our people are in grave danger."

Darth Vader turns to the image and kneels down, "My Master. There is a presence that I have never felt."

The cloak of the Emperor covers his face where the only thing visible is his mouth, "Legend has spoken of a species of great evil. They live off of the life force of others. Our people have been captured and are being prepared for their ‘taking' all of what we have created can be undone. You must save them."

"Is there a way to stop them, my Master?" Lord Vader responds, still kneeling to the image, the respirator continues breathing as he speaks.

"If legend is correct, you must decapitate them or pierce their hearts. Go, my apprentice. Do what needs to be done. Show no mercy."

"I will not fail, my Master." Darth Vader responds.

As the image fades, Lord Vader stands up and goes to a station. Just before he gets to it, he raises his hand and lowers his head. Darth Vader feels no life force, other than his surrounding Stormtroopers. They do not have a spirit; they are dead but not dead. What are these abominations? The thoughts continue through his mind, not knowing where they will lead. Darth Vader steps forward and starts typing commands into the computer. As he does items come up on the screen and reflect off of his mask. Lord Vader continues looking down when a green blip shows up on a map of the city. "I have you now." - - -

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In the meantime, I hope to have may exciting things for you in the future coming from Vader Versus Vampires.

May the force be with you,